Discount Dog Sweaters

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Discount dog sweaters are a great market to explore. If you currently sell dog products but do not sell any form of dog clothes, sweaters are a great stepping stone with which to begin. If you've already got customers coming to your store for food, toys, or grooming accessories, why not give them one-stop shopping? Test market a few dog fashions and gauge the sort of response you receive.

Abby once took a survey of her customers to find out why and how they started purchasing dog apparel clothing. The top response was that a store they regularly shopped in began to carry items that caught their attention. Once they were exposed to the merchandise on a regular basis, they quickly became attuned to the finer points of shopping for their dogs.

Starting with Discount Dog Sweaters

To begin your foray into dog fashion, start with discount dog sweaters. Sweaters are the most popular form of clothing for dogs, and are available in many different colors and sizes. They are both practical and decorative and appeal to a wide variety of dog owners.

If the sweaters sell well, you can always look into branching out into alternate types of dog products. Outdoor gear for dogs is another relatively easy genre to break into. Outdoor gear is easily sold alongside toys and food, and can also be marketed during all season.

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