Dog Apparel Stores

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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The profitability of dog apparel stores is entirely dependent on the ability of the management to stay current with trends in dog fashions, as well as market them effectively to the customers. Abby's experience with dog clothing has been profitable from day one. If you are planning on opening dog apparel stores, there is a lot of legwork to be done before ever ringing up your first sale.

In Abby's case, she spent months beforehand researching suppliers, talking to owners of other stores, and chatting with customers in those stores about what they really want. She tracked the sales of pet clothing sold in major retailers (such as Petco) by requesting copies of their annual reports from corporate headquarters. She spent a total of seven months researching before deciding that dog clothes would be a profitable addition to her existing shop.

Working in Dog Apparel Stores

When hiring staff for your store, make sure the applicants have a genuine interest in the items you sell. Abby hired two clerks to help her during evenings and weekends, and during the course of interviewing for these positions, she made sure the applicants were dog lovers. Prior knowledge of dog clothes and brand names is helpful but not necessary; as long as the employee loves dogs, he or she will enjoy the learning process.

Encourage your employees to help you keep track of customers and what they purchase; assigning customer files to employees is a good way to get them familiarized with your client base and what their shopping tendencies are. To get your employees actively involved in marketing, you can also rotate the responsibility for any window or mannequin displays in the shop. Make it a contest to see whose display can sell more of the featured items, with a bonus for the winner. A shop with knowledgeable and eager employees can make all the difference to your sales margin.

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