Dog Clothing And Accessories

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Dog clothing and accessories are the perfect combination for boosting your dog clothing sales. Luxury dog apparel items are beautiful works of art that stand alone, but when worn with matching or coordinating accessories, your dog will go from simply cute to couture. What could be more indulgent than a handmade sweater with a matching hat?

Pets deserve a splurge once in a while, just like their owners. Marketing accessories is best done in conjunction with clothing. You can turn shopping for a simple sweater into an event worthy of a red carpet. You'll be surprised how often you can help turn your customer's dog into a diva.

Dog Clothing and Accessories: How to Choose?

Your selection of dog clothing and accessories should reflect different prices. You'll sell more if you stock both inexpensive treats and toys as well as higher quality items, such as hats, coats, and beds. Smaller, more inexpensive items make great gifts as well and can really boost your sales around Christmas.

Clothing and accessories should coordinate, but often items that blend rather than match exactly will catch a customer's eye. For example, if you regularly stock handmade knit sweaters in spring colors, rather than also stocking blankets and hats in those same colors, choose similar tones in varying textures. Canine fashion lovers will praise your sense of distinction and attention to detail!

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