Dog Lover Apparel

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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It's no surprise that dog lover apparel often mimics what the dogs themselves wear. It's a popular trend-matching sweaters, scarves, clothing pieces made with the same fabric, etc. Imagine strolling through the park with your beloved dog wearing a designer dog sweater to match your own!

Sweaters are the most popular matching items of clothing. Sold together, they make a great gift pack for the pet owners in your life. Whether you are looking for large or tiny dog apparel, you won't have trouble finding a retailer for matching clothes.

Selling Dog Lover Apparel

Dog lover apparel is remarkably easy to sell. Owners often don't intend to buy items for themselves, but once they see the adorable matched sets, it is hard to resist. As a retailer, you can use this to your advantage with your window displays.

Show off your matched sets in your window displays. Offer special discounts for customers who buy a sweater that matches their dog's--a certain percentage off for each matching item purchased. You'll be surprised just how little urging many dog lovers need to dress like their favorite pets!

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