Dog Outdoor Clothing

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Dog outdoor clothing is a very important market since it applies to both big dogs and small dogs. Dog outerwear apparel must be durable and easily washed. Fabrics like nylon, cotton, and polyester are best for these apparel items.

Raingear for dogs generally consists of a jacket with a matching hat in a waterproof fabric. Although color selection is very limited, the classic yellow is a good option as far as safety is concerned. Your dog will be very visible when crossing streets, which is important since a driver's vision will be impaired during wet conditions.

Essential Dog Outdoor Clothing

Most pet owners who purchase dog apparel want to know their pets are staying warm and dry. Just as outdoor sporting jackets (by makers such as Columbia and Patagonia) are very popular for people, dogs also need clothing that can protect them from the elements. Dog outdoor clothing is a great market to crack into if you live near a national park or campground.

Most dog jackets these days are made from high-tech materials that can keep your dog insulated from cold temperatures. Additional features can include reflective patches for easy visibility and adjustable strap closures for greater comfort. Dog jackets are a versatile item that can be used to keep your dog warm, prevent loss of body heat, and protect them from thorns, bugs, burrs, and other harmful consequences of an outdoor adventure.

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