Dog Outerwear Apparel

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Dog outerwear apparel is important for several reasons. Dogs, like people, need to stay warm and protected during the cold winter months. Dog outerwear apparel can be geared towards warmth or protection from the rain and snow.

The type of dog winter clothing you sell will be heavily influenced by your climate. There are only several places in California, for example, where selling dog snow jackets would be profitable. Most climates do need some form of warm winter clothing, though, so mid-level fleece and handknit sweaters are a good cross-country choice.

Dog Outerwear Apparel for Sport

Dogs will also need outerwear for sport and play. Jackets can help protect them from ticks, mosquitoes, and other harmful insects. Sporting jackets won't need to be made from the same industrial fabrics as heavy winter or snow jackets; even a light cotton will suffice.

Dog outdoor clothing should also be made from washable fabrics. The practicality of outdoor clothing will be a big selling point for you; no one wants to buy a dry-clean only coat for her dog. Fabrics that respond well to Scotchgard are also a plus, such as canvas and cottons. Keep this in mind when choosing which items of outdoor apparel to stock.

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