Large Dog Apparel

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Large dog apparel is a specialized field very reflective of the activities of large dogs. The clothes they wear need to accommodate the greater range of motion they have. This type of dog apparel must also take into consideration the duties of working dogs.

Large dogs breeds include Great Danes, German Shepards, Borzois, and Mastiffs. Selecting apparel for these dogs is more difficult than for small dogs because although garments look cute on small dogs, they can often look out of place on larger dogs. Dog fashions for larger breeds are generally less flashy and more basic than those for small dogs.

How to Select Large Dog Apparel

It's important that large, active dogs have clothing that moves with them rather than against them. Sport-related fabrics such as cotton and nylon are best because they allow for heat transfer from the dog's coat. Non-breathable fabrics like polyester will trap heat and sweat against a dog's coat, making the dog uncomfortable during periods of heavy exertion.

Large dog apparel is generally refined to sweaters, coats, and other outdoor protective gear. The proper way to measure a large dog for clothing is along the torso, from the base of the neck through the base of the tail. Retailers will generally group their sizes into small, medium, and large using this measurement (in inches). Make sure you offer a variety of sizes for both large and small dog fashions.

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