Luxury Dog Apparel

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Luxury dog apparel is a special treat for both owner and pet alike. High-quality clothing for dog is a way of showing how much you care for your pet. While observing Abby's customers, I've seen that the owners of small dogs are by far the most vociferous in their adoration for their pets.

My favorite customer of hers is an elderly woman named Mabel who absolutely adores her Welsh corgi, Lady Diana (named after the actual Princess Diana). Mabel brings Lady Diana into Abby's store while she shops, and pretends that Lady Diana herself picks out the items she wants. Needless to say, Lady Diana has expensive tastes, and is truly worthy of the name.

Collecting Luxury Dog Apparel

Several of Abby's customers collect luxury dog apparel by a single designer as a hobby. Designer dog apparel is very well-made from quality fabrics that are constructed to be beautiful and to last for years. I know many women who will purchase a single luxury item every year to keep up with their collection.

Although dogs don't know the difference, dressing them in luxury apparel is more a special treat for their owners. Seeing their cherished pets in the best and prettiest clothes shows how much they care for the dog and how much pride they take in its appearance. Behind every well-dressed dog is a generous and happy owner!

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