Small Dog Clothes

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Small dog clothes are the most fun type of dog clothing to display. Abby knows I love to create her window displays and she and I usually flip a coin to see who gets to tackle the job in a particular month. We like to have contests to see who can lure in the most customers with her window displays.

Small dog clothes are definitely the easiest to display. The tiny ensembles generally elicit "oohs" and "aahs" from passing window shoppers. My favorite display involved several plaster statuettes of terriers, each wearing pearl necklaces and pink dog sweaters, marketing both Abby's jewelry and her dog clothes.

Window Displays for Small Dog Clothes

The Christmas window display is the most prestigious for Abby and I. We always put extra effort into the holiday display. Our favorite so far has been a group of cocker spaniel statuettes gathered around a Christmas tree while their mannequin owners held gorgeous dog sweaters made of burgundy yarn shot through with shimmering gold and silver threads.

Experiment with your window displays--they attract a lot more foot traffic into a store than you might think. In-store displays are important, too. The more you can display, the more merchandise your customers will see without having to paw through the racks. Visibility will help you acquaint customers with new products and soon-to-be favorite items of dog clothing.

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