Small Dog Clothing

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Small dog clothing is one of the most quickly rising markets among all canine products. Owners of small dogs are more likely to buy dog clothing than owners of large dogs. There's something visually irresistible about a tiny dog in a precious handmade sweater!

Tiny dog apparel needs to have panache, much more so than large dog apparel. Tiny dogs are generally kept for show (as opposed to larger dogs, which often double as working dogs in various capacities). For a tiny dog, looks are important.

Selling Small Dog Clothing

Small dog clothing needs to have something extra-special. Look for unique touches that can really set the products you sell apart from others. Handmade sweaters, luxury fibers, and unique color combinations are good ways to begin. Every dog owner just wants his or her dog to look the best, and it's your job to look for ways to help them with this.

You can also influence what and how much customers buy simply with the way you arrange your stock. Group complementary items together, such as sweaters and hats, and keep matching accessories nearby. This will not only boost your sales, but it will help your customers see everything you have in a fluid and logical pattern.

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