Small Dog Sweaters

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Small dog sweaters are so adorable, always a top seller in the dog clothing business. It's easy to select clothing that will reflect your dog's personality, too, making the combination virtually impossible to resist. For example, if you have a girl who loves to be the center of attention, pink dog sweaters would be the best choice for her.

Sweaters are great gift ideas for your favorite small dog owner, as well. Sweater sales are particularly high around the holiday season. Stocking holiday-themed sweaters around Christmas is one of the best ways to boost your winter sales. Solid color sweaters in red and green and black and white Nordic prints are great holiday staples.

Themed Small Dog Sweaters

Themed small dog sweaters are very popular. Designed especially for holidays, they provide that extra bit of holiday cheer that makes the season bright. Christmas sweaters usually offer extra attention to detail and special characters or scenes woven into the pattern.

Sweaters are often themed for other holidays, too. Red and pink sweaters signal the approach of Valentine's Day, just as pastels are usually worn for Easter. And of course, the traditional red, white, and blue can only mean the Fourth of July. Themed sweaters are definitely a highlight of any retailer's year.

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