Wholesale Dog Clothes

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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Wholesale dog clothes are your best bet for stocking your shelves with quality dog apparel clothing. Contacting a retailer and making an agreement with them is the best way to go about initiating such an agreement. Often it is a simple process that takes no more than a few phone calls to set up.

If you have customers who regularly make purchases on the internet or through catalogs, ask them which designers they buy from and offer to stock their favorite items. Most retailers are quite amenable to requests for additional distributors. It gains exposure for the designer, profits for you, and instant gratification for your customers.

Wholesale Dog Clothes Build Your Profits

Wholesale dog clothes can really boost your sales margin. Before contracting with individual retailers, Abby selected her stock from middlemen at dog shows and expos. She had to mark up the products she purchased from them to make any sort of profit.

When she changed tactics and began networking with individual retailers instead, she was able to cut the amount she paid for her merchandise by 15-20%. Her customers noticed the drop in prices and either purchased more items or shopped more frequently. Her customers made a point to tell her they appreciated her discount dog apparel, when in fact, her clothing supply wasn't discounted at all and was of a higher quality than what she'd stocked before.

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