Wholesale Dog Clothing

Written by Jenni Wiltz
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It's important to find wholesale dog clothing that will appeal to the pet owners who frequent your store. You might need to do a bit of research by talking with your customers. Find out what their hobbies are, their backgrounds, and what types of dogs they own.

For example, if your town or city has a large percentage of descendants from a particular ethnic background, look for custom dog clothing that uses traditional patterns or fabrics based on that culture. Scottish tartans are a good example of culturally influenced fabric, as are Kenyan Maasai plaids. If you prove to your customers that you can anticipate their desires, they will become loyal shoppers.

Find Wholesale Dog Clothing That's Right For Your Customers

Another thing to keep in mind when stocking wholesale dog clothing is to remember the sizes your client base will need. Keep a file on frequent customers with notes on what they purchase and in what size. Keep these notes with you if and when you travel to expositions and shows so that when you see something that reminds you of one of your customers, you won't have to guess at the size or wonder if she has already purchased something too similar.

Wholesale dog clothes can easily be customized with personal touches. Offer gift wrapping and unique dog-themed cards with the merchandise. Make it easy for your customers to get everything they need in one place: your store.

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