Aggressive Behavior In Puppies

Written by Liza Hartung
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Aggressive behavior in puppies can be due to a few things. One is their breeding. Some dogs were bred with more aggressive instincts than hunting dogs. You can quell some of these natural behavior through early training, but realize that is in their genes. Other aggressive behavior can come from the owner. If the owner is aggressive to the dog, the dog could easily become the same way.

You can have a great impact on potential aggressive behavior if you begin to train your puppy when they are little. Puppies are not set in any particular ways like older dogs are. Therefore, you have a greater chance to keep them away from such undesirable behavior. When you see aggressive behavior in puppies, there are several methods to use.

Stopping Aggressive Behavior in Puppies

One of the most common forms of aggression is dominance. When dogs feel that they have the run of the place, they will fight to keep that status. However, most domestic puppies prefer to not be in that situation. They would rather have the owner be dominant. This does not mean that the owner is aggressive.

The owner simply needs to show that they make the rules. You can do this by making sure that when you are playing tug or some other game with your puppy, that the puppy does not end up with the toy last. You may give it back when the game ends, but do not let the puppy feel he can beat you. This is one way to help stop aggressive behavior in puppies.

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