Best Dog Toys

Written by Patty Yu
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By offering your dog the best dog toys around, you can effectively curb certain undesirable destructive behaviors. Many dogs chew as a way to relieve stress and excess energy due to loneliness, boredom, or anxiety. Some dog owners come home to find furniture, shoes, and newspapers completely destroyed. Redirecting chewing behavior is actually quite simple, and just requires the best dog toys.

When you first bring a new dog into your home, it is best to limit the dog's living space to just one area of your house. The dog should eat, play, and sleep in this living area. Remove anything that you don't want him to chew, provide many dog toys, and frequently play with the dog using his toys. Anytime he chews on his toys, offer your buddy abundant praise and affection.

Once your dog is potty trained, you can start letting him have some supervised access to the rest of the home. You should only reprimand the dog for incorrect chewing if you catch him in the act or else he may become confused and even harder to train! If your dog chews on something like a shoe or newspaper while you are away, it means he is not ready to be left unsupervised in that area of your home.

The Best Dog Toys Are Homemade

Some of the best dog toys are the simplest objects, like a ball. Dogs enjoy chasing after bouncing balls, retrieving them, and chewing on them. However, you can enhance a basic ball toy to make it bounce erratically, which is even more appealing to many dogs. Take a tennis ball and poke two holes on two sides. Feed a scarf through both holes and tie knots on both sides so that there is one long tail sticking out one hole. This design makes the ball bounce in unpredictable directions that will thrill your dog.

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