Best Puppy Toys

Written by Patty Yu
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Not only will the best puppy toys entertain your new pal, but they can also prevent destructive behaviors. Dogs often chew as a way to relieve excess energy caused by loneliness, boredom, or even anxiety. People often come home to find shoes, furniture, and books totally destroyed with puppy sitting happily, awaiting your return! The best puppy toys are quite helpful in redirecting these undesirable behaviors.

The first step to take when bringing a puppy into your home is to create her living space in one small area of the house. Your puppy should eat, play, and sleep in here, especially if she is unsupervised. Remove all possessions you want to spare from chewing, and offer instead a selection of dog toys. Spend some time playing with the puppy using her toys, offering plenty of praise and affection when she chews on the toys.

After the puppy is potty trained, you should allow supervised access to the rest of the house. Catching puppy in the act of chewing the wrong things is the only time you should reprimand her or else she may become confused. If you come home to find some damaged property, it means the dog is not ready to be left unsupervised in that part of the house.

The Best Puppy Toys from Home

Many people find that the best puppy toys are quite simple, like a ball. One way to make playtime even more fun for puppy is by making the ball bounce erratically. To do this, poke holes on two sides of a tennis ball. Feed a cord or scarf through the holes and tie knots on the outside so that there is one long tail sticking out one hole. The result is a ball that bounces in unpredictable directions that your puppy will go bonkers over! In the same way that children are often more fascinated with a box than with the toy that came inside it, often homemade toys are the most fun for your puppy to play with.

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