Crate Training Dogs

Written by Liza Hartung
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Crate training dogs is a little more difficult than crate training puppies. However, it can be done with a little bit of patience and persistence. The reason for this is that dogs have gotten into habits wherever they were before. They are set in a way that may not be your way. Puppies, however, have never been set in any way and therefore are easier to train.

With dogs, they have to unlearn what they were already doing. Crate training dogs, though, is a very fast and effective way to go through this process. See, dogs do not want to eliminate in the place that they know they will be resting and sleeping. Therefore, they will generally not eliminate in the crate. However, their bowels will be filling up so that when you take them out of the crates, you need to immediately take them to the toilet area.

The toilet area can be wherever you designate it. If you ultimately want your dog to eliminate only outside, then only take them outside. If you have a papered area of your home that you sometimes use for the toilet area, your dog will become confused and the results will be less than desirable.

Crate Training Dogs for Life

You will not have to take your dog to the toilet area as often as you would a puppy because older dogs have better bladder control. Take him often enough to ensure he does not need to go in his cage. If he does end up going in his cage, you have set the training back months. When crate training dogs, you will eventually notice that he develops an elimination schedule. By figuring out this schedule, you can take your dog out at those times and get rid of the crate.

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