Dog Behavior Problems

Written by Patty Yu
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With the right obedience training tips, you can start preventing dog behavior problems from developing the moment you bring your new pal home. Dogs are smart, social animals, but without proper training they will act out natural canine behaviors in forms that people find unacceptable in the domestic setting. Barking, chewing, scratching, digging, and biting are all canine instincts.

Dog obedience training is the best way that you can teach your dog how to redirect his behavior toward more acceptable outlets. Rather than chewing your shoes and furniture, you can teach your dog to chew his toys. Some dog owners provide a digging pit for their dogs that insist on digging. Learning how to communicate with your dog also lets you address any dog behavior problems as they occur.

Addressing Dog Behavior Problems

Dog obedience training sessions are most effective if they are short, but frequent. There are many training classes available where you can obtain great dog training tips from professionals, but afterwards, education should continue at home. The home provides a familiar environment for the dog with few distractions, which is ideal for a dog just learning how to redirect his dog behavior problems.

Repetition, motivation, and consistency are key when training your dog. Have plenty of treats available, and offer your buddy plenty of praise each time he listens appropriately. Observe your dog and his behavior so you understand his patterns; this is important especially for house training. After mastering several commands at home, you should then slowly introduce distractions, or take him to less familiar environments to practice. Dog training requires a lot of patience and commitment, but the results are worth the effort!

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