Dog Behavior Questions

Written by Liza Hartung
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Many people have dog behavior questions. We all want to take care of our dogs and train them as effectively as possible. However, dogs cannot speak so we must learn to read their behavior. You will find that your dog has his own unique way of communicating with you, but there are many general ways that dogs communicate. Understanding what your dog is saying will help make your life easier.

Odd Dog Behavior Questions

Some dog owners may have noticed that their dog takes a liking to rolling in dead things like frogs or birds, and other smelly substances. One of the big dog behavior questions here is, why? Do not be alarmed. Although this smells and looks disgusting, this is actually normal behavior. Some people think that is a way for the dog to cover up his scent when hunting prey.

In order to avoid this, or stop it when it starts, you will have to fully train your dog to come when you call. If that does not work, your dog will learn that when he has participated in such behavior, you will not play with him, he will not be let inside and he is subject to a bath. If you walk your dog in a large outside area, it is a good idea to make sure he doesn't stray too far away.

Some people have dog behavior questions concerning their dog eating stool. This is actually a nesting techniques that dogs use to keep the area clean where new pups are. Some dogs eat other stool for nutrients. The best thing to do is pull your dog away from stool when on a walk. You can also give your dog certain food that will make stool less appetizing.

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