Dog Behavior Training

Written by Liza Hartung
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Dog behavior training consists of everything from teaching your dog not to bite to sitting when told. Your dog is capable of learning quite a lot. Never feel as if you are overloading your dog. Unless, of course, you are trying to teach him to cook you dinner. However, you do have to teach only a few things at a time and you must be very clear and consistent in your teaching.

When I was growing up, we had a golden retriever. My father used dog behavior training with him so that we could take him for walks without a leash. Even if we passed other dogs, my dad would only have to say, "Stay," and the dog would. We could leave him on our front lawn without even so much as a collar and he never went anywhere. Kids would come to play with him, but he never ventured off our property.

Basic Dog Behavior Training

Teaching your dog behavior training to heel and to stop and sit when you stop requires a bit of room. You generally cannot accomplish this in a small apartment. You have to begin by walking in a giant square with a leash about 25 feet long attached to your dog. Over a period of days and weeks, you shorten the leash. Eventually, your dog will know what to do.

Some dogs are very shy and this may not be a quality that you want in your dog. First, make sure you are not yelling at or hitting your dog. This is a huge cause of shyness. If you are, stop immediately. However, if your dog was born shy, slowly introduce her to more and more people. Play with her for a while with just the two of you and then bring in people that she is familiar with.

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