Dog House Training

Written by Patty Yu
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Whether you are dog house training or teaching your pal cute tricks, obedience training helps to open a line of communication between you and your dog. Taking time out for training your dog helps you understand the dog's needs, as well as teach him yours. No matter how young or old, or how long you've had the dog, it is never too late to begin dog obedience training.

Helpful Dog House Training Tips

When dog house training, what you ultimately want is for your dog to know the difference between a living area and a toilet area. Usually, the toilet area is outside, but some small dog breeds can be trained to eliminate on newspapers, potty training pads, or even in litter boxes. The first thing you should do is set aside a living area for the dog in one room, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or a garage.

Dogs are instinctively clean, which means they would prefer not to soil their sleeping and eating area. Spend a lot of time with your dog in the living area--play with her, feed her, and let her eat here, but frequently take the dog to the toilet area when you think she needs to eliminate. She may have some accidents at first, but she should develop the habit of only eliminating in the toilet area once she feels at home in her living area.

Once the dog is regularly using the toilet area, you can expand the living area to other parts of the house by introducing rooms one at a time with supervised visits. Keep the dog on a regular feeding schedule and you will notice a regular eliminating schedule, too. If you find any "accidents," it means the dog is not ready to be in that part of the house unsupervised. Remember that dog house training requires your time, commitment, and attention.

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