Dog Potty Training Tips

Written by Liza Hartung
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People are always looking for dog potty training tips that will speed along the housebreaking process. One of the biggest tips I can offer is to be consistent with your training. If you see that your dog is starting to eliminate where she should not and you don't do anything about it because you are tired, you will confuse your dog. If you normally pick your dog up immediately and bring her outside (which is what you should do), then you need to do this every time until she is fully trained.

Another huge tip is on the topic of praise and scolding. Keep scolding to a bare minimum. You may say a quick, deep, "No," when your dog starts to eliminate in the wrong place, but stop there. Any hitting or rubbing your dog's nose in the spot will only intimidate your dog. Your dog may then become frightened of you or aggressive toward you, and your whole training process is now about regaining trust. You can also find great dog potty training tips by asking your vet.

Quick Dog Potty Training Tips

Make sure you feed your dog on a set schedule. This way, your dog will develop an elimination schedule as well. Take your dog out at those times. Always praise your dog for doing the right thing. You may give rewards as well if you like, but make sure you give them right away or your dog may not associate the treat with being good.

Never leave food and water available for your puppy all day. If the climate calls for your dog to be more hydrated than usual, then put out water. Just know that the more you feed your dog, the more he will have to eliminate. If you give him all-access to food, then a schedule will never be set. All dog potty training tips will also tell you to never allow your puppy to eliminate anywhere other than his toilet area.

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