Dog Trainers

Written by Patty Yu
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New dog owners often seek the help of dog trainers to learn some basic dog obedience training methods. Training is extremely important when bringing a canine friend into your home because dogs, although domesticated, are still animals and will act like them if not trained! Barking, chewing, digging, and biting are all natural behaviors that can be inappropriate in the domestic setting.

What Dog Trainers Teach You

With dog training, your goal is to open up communication between you and your dog, as well as establish a social hierarchy. It is important that you understand your dog's body language and needs, while teaching your dog to understand your needs. Since canines are social animals, you can establish yourself as being in charge, although there is no reason to be dominating and intimidating.

Dog trainers will show you effective ways to communicate with your dog with commands and gestures that with practice, your dog will perform beautifully. There are also many ways to redirect certain behaviors toward outlets that are more acceptable. For instance, you should provide many toys in his living space, while removing property you don't want damaged. Using lots of praise with correct toy chewing, the dog's natural chewing behaviors will become habitually directed toward the toys.

After working with dog trainers, you should definitely continue dog obedience at home, especially because the home is familiar, with fewer distractions. Practice commands until you feel the dog has mastered several, and then begin introducing distractions. Practicing with distractions is important if you want your dog to respond to commands outside the home, when people may be around, or in the car.

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