Golden Retriever Training

Written by Patty Yu
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Golden retriever training is not only an excellent tool for developing working dogs, but also effective for training the breed as a house pet. An extremely intelligent and loyal breed, the golden retriever was originally bred as a hunting dog, usually displaying a high amount of energy. In some cases, especially when not trained properly, highly energetic dogs can exhibit destructive dog behavior problems.

Dog obedience training is the key to preventing, or redirecting dog behavior issues toward acceptable outlets. For instance, high-energy dogs often chew to expend excess energy when bored, lonely, or anxious. Chewing can be very destructive if the dog remains untrained. Provide plenty of toys for a new dog, and limit unsupervised access to your home. Never reprimand incorrect chewing unless you catch him in the act, but offer abundant praise for correct behavior.

Golden Retriever Training: Taking a Walk

With highly energetic large dogs like retrievers, some owners experience walks where the dog is so excited that he pulls on the leash uncomfortably. These out-of-control walks can be prevented with some patient golden retriever training. The first step in dog leash training is to wait until the dog is calmly sitting before attaching the leash. Consistently wait for the dog to behave so as not to confuse him.

Many dogs will sit calmly as you attach the leash, but want to make a run for it as soon as you're done. Again, stand and wait patiently for the dog to calm down, even if it takes several minutes, before beginning the walk. Every time the dog pulls on the leash during the walk, stop and wait for him to calm down. Although this type of golden retriever training takes a lot of time in the beginning, you'll be glad once your pal consistently walks calmly at your side in the future.

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