Great Dane Training

Written by Patty Yu
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Great Dane training is one of the best ways you can prevent certain dog behavior problems from arising. Without proper training, any kind of dog, no matter how intelligent, may exhibit behaviors that are inappropriate in the domestic setting. Dogs like the Great Dane, which are a large breed, often require dog leash training, and other dog obedience training to prevent destructive behaviors.

Great Dane Training at Home

Destructive behavior is common in large, energetic dogs if they become bored, lonely, or anxious. Great Dane training is necessary to prevent unappealing behavior, such as chewing. When you first bring a new dog into your home, it is best to limit his living area to one room and provide plenty of toys. When you witness correct chewing, offer the dog praise and affection. Never reprimand unless you witness incorrect behavior firsthand.

The Great Dane is one of the largest dog breeds. If your Great Dane happens to be a leash puller, you are in for very uncomfortable dog walking unless you provide some diligent dog leash training. The process is easy, though time consuming to start. The first step is teaching the dog to sit and stay before you attach his leash. Never attach the leash unless the dog is calmly sitting during your Great Dane training process.

Even if the dog learns to calmly sit while the owner attaches the leash, many still excitedly bolt for the door afterwards. Stand your ground and wait patiently for the dog to calm down again before taking a single step. During the walk, stand still anytime your new pal pulls on the leash. Although this process is time consuming to start, your dog will learn that he must be calm in order to walk.

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