Housebreaking A Dog

Written by Liza Hartung
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Housebreaking a dog is never a task that anyone looks forward to, however, the rewards of a little time and persistence are wonderful. No one wants to have do deal with the possibility that their dog will eliminate at any given moment. Nor does anyone want to leave the house with the thought that there will be little surprises everywhere when they get home--and some may be hidden for weeks.

When housebreaking a dog effectively and quickly, you will need to do a few things. First, make sure that you are always on top of the training. You don't want to let your dog go a few times just because you are tired. This will make your dog lapse into bad habits, and these habits will frustrate you. Plus, it will be harder to instill training in your dog once he has been allowed to get away with things on several occasions.

Steps to Housebreaking a Dog

Dogs naturally will not eliminate where they eat or sleep. Therefore, it is very important that you help establish these places. First, pick a room or a piece of a room that will become your dog's area. It is suggested that you pick some place where the flooring is easy to clean like a laundry room, bathroom or garage. Put some sort of a bed in there for your dog. This can be a dog bed, a folded up blanket, a crate or even just a towel.

In housebreaking a dog this way, you will need to play with him in his space so that he begins to know it as his own. Put food and water in there and toys as well. he will eliminate all over the place at first. However, he will soon begin to realize that this is his turf and she will have no desire to soil it. Once you have established this area, you are well on your way to full housebreaking.

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