Housetraining Problems

Written by Liza Hartung
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When you encounter housetraining problems with your puppy, there could be a few things wrong. Most of them will be due to the owner for whatever reason. If you notice that you are having some problems, take a look at a few things. First, are you scolding or hitting your dog? If you are doing this, your dog has likely become scared of you or aggressive toward you. Stop scolding right away, and get back to praise only for good work.

Some people may be experiencing housetraining problems because they are being inconsistent. There are certain actions you should be taking when you are home and certain ones you should be taking when you are not. Any deviation from these actions will cause your puppy to become confused about what you want, and therefore may not do anything right.

Also, if you are doing a good job of training most of the time, but some of the time you ignore what you should be doing because you are tired or have work to do, you will set back your training. Your dog will think that it is okay to occasionally get away with eliminating where he wants. He will think this because you do not correct him every single time. Dogs and puppies can be trained quite well, if you stick with what you are doing fully.

Avoiding Housetraining Problems

You can avoid many housetraining problems just by doing the things you should be doing and doing them all the time. For new puppies, provide access to the toilet area at least every 45 minutes. Give great praise for work done correctly. Expect mistakes and do not yell or hit when they happen. They are part of the learning process. Feed your puppy on a schedule. This way, his elimination should become on a schedule as well.

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