Labrador Retriever Training

Written by Patty Yu
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Labrador retriever training is not only effective for creating extremely intelligent working dogs, but can also help prevent dog behavior problems as a house pet. This breed is highly intelligent, but also extremely energetic, which sometimes leads to destructive behavior if not trained properly. Labrador retriever training early on may lead to a very well behaved, smart, and charming dog in your home.

Common Labrador Retriever Training Issues

No matter how intelligent a dog breed, lack of training can lead to many dog behavior issues. With Labradors, behavior problems are usually related to an overabundance of energy. Many dog owners with highly energetic breeds come home to damaged property caused by a dog that was bored, lonely, or anxious just trying to find an outlet. Labrador retriever training helps to redirect this energy in ways more acceptable in the domestic setting.

When you first bring a new dog into the home, it is best to limit the dog's living area to one room. Remove anything you think the dog might destroy and offer the dog the best dog toys. Each time you witness the dog chewing his toys, give him tons of praise and affection. Only reprimand your pal if you catch him in the act of chewing the wrong things. Be consistent with your training methods so not to confuse your dog.

Dog leash training is often necessary for high-energy dogs that enjoy walks so much that they pull you along for an uncomfortable experience. With leash training, the key is not to reward the dog with walking as long as he is pulling. Each time the dog pulls, you should immediately stop the walk until he calms down and successfully performs a sit-stay command. Continue this until the dog consistently walks calmly at your side.

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