Older Dog Potty Training

Written by Liza Hartung
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People tend to think that older dog potty training is impossible. This is not true. In fact, you will use the same methods no matter what the age of your dog, but older dogs will take a little more time. This is because they have learned other behaviors. With puppies, you start with a blank canvas. With older dogs, you have to erase and redraw the picture.

One good thing about older dog potty training is that older dogs have developed more bladder control. Therefore, you do not have to take him out as often as you would a puppy. One very effective way to train is to use a crate. A crate is meant for training only, not to be used as a place to keep your dog for long periods of time.

Dogs have a natural instinct to not soil the area in which they will be sleeping and resting. Therefore, it is unlikely that your dog will eliminate in the crate. If he does, he may have been left in there too long. Each time you take your dog out of the crate, put him on a leash and take him outside or to any other designated toilet area. If he does not eliminate after a few minutes, put him back in the crate and try again later. Use the crate only for training.

Simple Older Dog Potty Training

Whenever your dog eliminates in the correct place, praise and reward him. This is huge in older dog potty training. You want them to really get how proud you are that they have done the right thing. When you are out for a walk and your dog eliminates, give him a treat. If you wait until you are back inside, you have waited too long. Your dog will not connect the treat with elimination unless you provide it immediately.

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