Puppy Behavior Training

Written by Liza Hartung
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Puppy behavior training is very important to do when your puppy is young. The best time span to train your puppy is to begin when he is between the ages of seven and sixteen weeks. The puppy is at his most impressionable at this point. His willingness and ability to learn is at its peak. Of course, you can train dogs beyond this age, but you will have to give it more time.

An action that every puppy does is biting. With puppy behavior training, you learn how to keep your puppy from biting everyone and everything. Puppies react instinctively with bites when there are quick movements in front of his face. Therefore, do not move quickly, such as retracting your hand or moving around a toy, in front of his face. This will just encourage biting.

Another helpful hint for quelling biting behaviors is to avoid games with your puppy that deal specifically with biting until they have learned when biting is okay and when it is not. Tug is such a game. If you feel that your dog is fine playing tug and learning about biting at the same time, then that is your choice.

Making the Most of Your Puppy Behavior Training

One of the best things you can do to encourage your puppy in puppy behavior training is to praise her every time she does something good. If you are playing and you notice that she is not biting you, make sure you praise her. You may want to get, or tell her to find, one of her toys. This way, you can be ready if she begins biting again.

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