Puppy Leash Training

Written by Patty Yu
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Puppy leash training, when completed early, sets a great precedence so that you will never have to be dragged and pulled by your dog on every outing. Dogs get extremely excited when you come home and take them out. In many cases, the dog pulls very hard on the leash, pulling you with it! These out of control walks are usually unpleasant for the owners, and can be unsafe.

Not only do dogs get excited and pull you while you walk, but they sometimes get so excited beforehand that it is nearly impossible to attach the leash. If these are all issues you are currently dealing with, have dealt with, or just do not want to deal with, then puppy leash training is vital. Puppy leash training will help curb and prevent this particular behavior.

Patience with Puppy Leash Training

The key with leash training is being absolutely patient, no matter how much the dog wants to go outside. First of all, you will want to train the dog to be calm as you put on the leash. In order to do so, you must wait for the dog to complete a "sit and stay" before attaching the leash. No matter what, you must be patient and wait for the dog to be calm.

Some dogs quickly understand they must be calm as you attach the leash, but then want to bolt immediately after you finish. With leash training, you must again wait for the dog to calm down before taking a single step. Another method is to walk around the house for a few minutes until the dog is calmer. During the walk, if your dog begins to pull, stop walking immediately until the dog calms down. This is the best way to maintain control, and teach the dog that pulling prevents the walk from happening.

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