Akc Chihuahua Puppies Sale

Written by Sierra Rein
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Whenever an AKC Chihuahua puppies sale comes about, many dog lovers and breeders will flock to it for the possibility of purchasing a purebred Chihuahua pup. Pet stores and dog show contestant owners will seek out new potential stars or possible dams and sires for a future litter down the road. Because Chihuahuas are such prized animals, they can catch a hefty cost when fully priced.

The AKC, or the American Kennel Club, holds high standards for the Chihuahua breed. The dog must be of 6 pounds or less, may either be longhaired or short, and must have an off-square body type with muscular, swift legs and Terrier-like temperament. Disqualifications include weight over 6 pounds, cropped ears and tail and a thinning coat amongst longhaired Chihuahuas.

Before attending an AKC Chihuahua puppies sale, it is important to be familiar with the breed and understand how to recognize pureblood features. Most AKC puppies will grow up with the same features, although there are some cases when coat coloring, eye color and body type will adapt over the growth cycle. The breeder should be able to recognize small changes in the puppy's growth thus far and give you a good idea of what it should look like when full grown.

Easily Find an AKC Chihuahua Puppies Sale Online

There are some instances where an AKC Chihuahua puppies sale will appear on an online website. It is extremely important in these cases to do a little research of the breeders and come to an understanding of their experience with AKC Chihuahuas. Ask for proof of registration with the litter and never hesitate to email the breeding company regarding their process of care and socialization.

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