Akc Chihuahuas

Written by Sierra Rein
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AKC Chihuahuas are considered the pride of the toy dog group and are sought after by dog aficionados, breeders and show dog owners alike. The American Kennel Club first recognized the Chihuahua as a breed in 1904. Since then, it has outlined the specific qualifications of a purebred Chihuahua.

AKC Chihuahuas are well-balanced small dogs not exceeding six pounds. They can be either of the long-haired or smooth coat varieties, but once a healthy dog grows up to be over six pounds (without significant weight gain), it ceases to be considered inside the standard. This information means nothing for regular owners, but can be disqualifying factors for show dogs and breeders.

Other disqualifications for AKC Chihuahuas are broken down or cropped ears and a cropped bobtail. This is to discourage dog owners from mutilating their dogs in the hopes of creating some sort of fashion. In long coat Chihuahuas, a dog may be disqualified if his or her coat is too thin, signaling some sort of cross breeding or health problem.

Breeders Who Specialize in AKC Chihuahuas

There are thousands of people who consider themselves to be breeders of Chihuahuas, but only a percentage of those can honestly say they specialize in AKC standards. These breeders take unique care in genetically matching dams (mothers) and sires (fathers) to come up with litters of pureblood puppies. They then register the litters with the AKC so that all paperwork is up-to-date, clear and legal.

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