Applehead Chihuahuas

Written by Sierra Rein
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Applehead Chihuahuas are merely a descriptive group of the normal Chihuahua breed. These are the most commonly seen types of Chihuahuas and can be recognized by their dome-like skulls, short snouts and bright eyes. They make great lap or travel dogs for people who live in cities or in small living quarters.

Applehead Chihuahuas come in a variety of different colors, hair types and sizes. The average Chihuahua lives to be in his or her mid-teen years and can be found in either short- or long-haired varieties. Colors include white, tan, black, and even a beautiful shade of blue.

As a rule, most Chihuahuas (applehead or otherwise) are energetic, feisty and extremely territorial. Although they will not make good guard dogs (due to their size), they will be great alarm dogs and will bark at an aggressive stranger until the owner accepts him into the home. They are very "clannish" and enjoy the company of their own, although other animals and pets can be friends with them as well.

The Issue of Molera among Applehead Chihuahuas

One common feature that appears among some applehead Chihuahuas is a small soft spot on the front of the head similar to those found in human newborns. Sometimes this is healed up by the time the dog is fully mature, but sometimes it is left open during its entire life span. In the past, veterinarians misdiagnosed this soft spot as water on the brain, a mistake that led to many healthy puppies being euthanized before full maturation.

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