Bird Dog Breeders

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Bird dogs started as hunting aids, but their willingness to please and good-natured attitudes have yielded wonderful household pets. Bird dogs are often very loyal to their owners and develop a strong willingness to please. This allows for a great family pet.

If you are looking for a bird dog as a pet, you are far less likely to be concerned with strict adherence to breed standards, but you should be looking for the kind of breeder that will give health guarantees to all their dogs. These breeders tend to be reputable and open about their breeding practices and the medical histories of the parents. If ever a breeder seems reluctant to share information with you, you can leave.

Finding a Bird Dog for Hunting

If you are looking for a bird dog as a hunting companion, you are going to be most concerned about breed specifications. These standards were set in place by breeders because they yielded the best bird dogs. Someone looking for a bird dog for hunting is going to benefit most from the practices of a reputable breeder.

When looking for a bird dog breeder, it’s good to know that breeder knows the concerns and demands of a hunter and that often comes from a breeder being a hunter himself or herself. These breeders are most likely to be most concerned with the health of their line and the maintenance of the high standards of the breed so that they may produce the best bird dog available.

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