Black And Tan Chihuahuas

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many colors of Chihuahuas in the world, but black and tan Chihuahuas are traditionally more popular in Mexico and other South American nations. It is thought that this color combination was first introduced into the Chihuahua breed in the late 1800s. Many breeders expect this unique coloring is the result of crossing native Chihuahuas with black and tan toy Terriers.

Black and tan Chihuahuas can be found in both the short and longhair varieties. They can be full sized at six pounds or can be bred as "teacup" Chihuahuas. Many owners of the black and tan variety enjoy complementing these colors with brightly colored bows, sweaters and harnesses.

The typical coat pattern for black and tan Chihuahuas is a large overcoat of black with highlights of tan in certain spots. These spots normally fall inside the ears, around the nose, underneath the chin and around the upper chest area. Tan can also be found as two expressive spots above the eyes, on the underbelly, across the lower chest, and as "socks" on the legs.

Finding Black and Tan Chihuahuas

Because black and tan are just two of the many colors a Chihuahua can be born with, it takes a bit of patience to find one with this exact coloring. The best chances will come through a breeder who currently owns (or has access to) two black and tan Chihuahuas of breeding age. With his knowledge of genetics, he is more likely to be able to breed a litter that contains a black and tan Chihuahua puppy and then sell it when it comes of proper and safe age.

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