Canine Terror

Written by NJames
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As an animal lover, the moment I saw Tobby, I fell in love. It seems like only yesterday that I brought him home. During the day, my neighbor would check on him, take him for walks, and keep him company. When I came home from work, Tobby would greet me at the door and whimper until I picked him up. "Daddy's home!" I'd shout, playfully.

For the first year, Tobby was the best dog in the world. Then one day, his behavior changed. I came home to find my once-loving shi szu clawing at the sofa; stuffing oozed from the torn cushions. "Tobby, stop that!" I screamed.

More and more, Tobby became worse. At night he'd bark and run around the house; during the day he'd claw the furniture, knock over his food bowl, and chew on everything he could find. When I told a friend about Tobby's behavior, she began to laugh. "This isn't funny," I said. Emily, a mother of two, smiled and began to blush. "Nicholas, have you ever heard of the terrible two's?" she asked. At first I thought she was kidding. "Yeah, but that doesn't exist with dogs," I told her. Emily shrugged her shoulders and grinned. "Well, it sounds like Tobby is going through it."

Later that day I came home to find Tobby tearing up the sofa. Just as I was about to pick him up, it happened: Tobby growled at me. My heart sank and I went upstairs to the office, pulled out his papers, and studied them carefully. Tobby was two years old, and Emily's idea began to make sense. A few months later I came home and expected to find "Cujo" tearing up the house. To my surprise Tobby greeted me warmly, and even let me rub his stomach. "Please hurry up and turn three," I begged. Tobby ran to the kitchen, grabbed his stuffed monkey, and sat on my lap. Tobby is now three years old, and no longer a "canine terror." No matter what, I'm just happy to have a normal dog...and a new sofa.

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