Chewable Arthritis Medication

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Most dogs prefer chewable arthritis medication to pills, powders or liquids. Why? Most pet owners will tell you that other forms of medication are not only messy but also hard to administer, but from a dog's point of view these things don't matter. Their main priority is, how does it taste? That fact is, chewable medicine is easier to flavor than liquids, and more palatable to dogs than chalky powders.

Chewable Arthritis Medication Is Easier To Stomach

Chewable medicine can easily be fed to your dog either with or without food. Since they are not swallowed whole, dogs, like people, are less likely to choke on them. This makes for a better experience during each dosing, as the dog will not have unpleasant associations that cause him to try to avoid getting his medicine.

Another big advantage to chewable arthritis medication is the advance in flavoring technology that allows chewable tablets to have delicious meat flavors. This makes them barely distinguishable from a dog treat, so that dogs actually don't realize that they are getting medicine. Most importantly, the same potent ingredients that are found in other forms of arthritis medication are available in chewable form. This means that there is no compromise in the health of your dog.

If your dog is resisting his pills, powders or liquids, consider chewable arthritis medication. They act in the same way as these other forms to deliver powerful nutrients and anti-inflammatory medicine to arthritic joints. And, they are easy to administer for pet owners, and easy to take for dogs. Chewables are a good solution to the problem of how to effectively administer your dog's medication

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