Chihuahua Behavior

Written by Sierra Rein
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Chihuahua behavior is classified by the American Kennel Club as being "terrier-like" in nature. The Chihuahua breed is alert, playful, and extremely strong-willed. Chihuahuas demand attention and are never happier than when curled up on their owners' laps or taken for a walk on a harness.

Some people have described the Chihuahua face as being "saucy" and expressive. The average Chihuahua is extremely loyal to his owner and may become very jealous and aggressive towards anyone who decides to take attention away from him. This makes them wary and shy around children and other animals, especially large dogs.

However, better Chihuahua behavior can be brought about with socialization at an early age. Puppies who are introduced to humans and other animals are more likely to tolerate and even enjoy the company of strangers. On the other hand, Chihuahuas enjoy the company of their own kind and will sleep together in a small pile for extra warmth.

Take Time and Patience to Properly Train Good Chihuahua Behavior

With gentle repetition and utilizing positive reinforcement, an owner can train a young Chihuahua to stop barking, stop biting, sit or learn how to be housebroken. They are an intelligent breed and can learn positive Chihuahua behavior if the owner is willing to be patient. Most owners will paper train Chihuahuas, as this method is easier to clean up and easier for the Chihuahua to understand.

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