Chihuahua Health Care

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is vital to become knowledgeable about proper Chihuahua health care before you bring one into your household. Like most dogs, they can live a long life if properly cared for and can reach their late teens if lucky. Remember, extremely improper care of any animal is punishable by the ASPCA and can result in jail time and the removal of the dog from the home.

The most common concern regarding Chihuahua health care is hypoglycemia, a condition in which the dog's blood sugar level drops to a low level. Chihuahuas are prone to experiencing this due to their small digestive systems. In order to counteract this condition, Chihuahuas should be fed frequently in small doses and be given plenty of opportunities to rest and take naps.

Some Chihuahua owners may discover that their Chihuahua is going through a gagging or coughing fit. This may turn out to be a phenomenon called "reverse sneezing" and may be connected to issues surrounding a collapsed trachea or the soft palate. As soon as these symptoms develop, the owner should take her dog to the vet for a checkup.

Exercise as a Vital Part of Chihuahua Health Care

Chihuahuas are extremely energetic and can become fat and lethargic without enough exercise. Although they do well in small apartments, most experts in Chihuahua health care also recommend walks every few days to get a good workout. If it is cold outside, it is best to fit the Chihuahua with a small sweater or find an enclosed space away from snow and wind for the dog to run around in.

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