Chihuahua Health Problems

Written by Sierra Rein
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Because they are such small dogs, there are a few Chihuahua health problems for an owner to keep in mind while raising and enjoying them. On the whole, Chihuahuas are normally healthy creatures. However, due to their size and vulnerability, an owner should keep an eye out for a few symptoms.

Among puppies, the biggest Chihuahua health problems deal with a lowered immune system and likelihood of infection. Once they grow up, they soon pass out of danger and can be handled by anyone. However, a Chihuahua's immune system can be affected by stress caused by changes in diet, moving to new homes, mishandling and aggressive behavior by other animals or humans.

Other Chihuahua health problems include hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), a common problem associated with the small fat reserve found around the dog's liver. Symptoms include lethargy, decreased coordination, coma and lastly, death. In addition to these internal problems, a Chihuahua is more prone to experiencing luxating patellas (or slipped knee joints), a condition common in many toy dog breeds.

Mistaken Chihuahua Health Problems

Some owners are alarmed at the amount of tears that a Chihuahua might shed during the course of the day, but this is a natural way for the dog to protect itself from ground-level dirt, dust and other particles. A small percentage of applehead Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot on the head, called a "molera," which was in the past misdiagnosed as water on the brain. Today's veterinarians should be able to tell the difference and not feel the need to euthanize healthy Chihuahuas.

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