Chihuahua Info

Written by Sierra Rein
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For anyone who is considering buying a Chihuahua, it is essential to have the most complete Chihuahua info at hand. There are always questions of purebred vs. mixed puppies, how to care and socialize the dog for a new home and whether or not a Chihuahua is the best type of breed in the first place. It is detrimental to both the dog and human alike if a purchase is made one day and the owner suddenly realizes that the dog is not the type for his lifestyle the next.

Chihuahuas are incredibly social animals once acclimated to a human environment. Because of this, the best behaved Chihuahuas come from home breeders who use their personal home, filled with human smells and furniture, to raise the tiny puppies. Kennels or pet stores have more sterile environments and usually cannot hire enough employees to give the dogs special and one-on-one attention.

Most Chihuahua info will thus tell you that these dogs are best with individual owners and are best kept away from younger children. They are extremely loyal and do well if kept indoors with one of their own. Large dogs and cats can make good companions, but they can do harm to a relatively defenseless Chihuahua if left alone together.

Need More Chihuahua Info?

There are a number of informational websites on the Internet regarding Chihuahua info. The American Kennel Club website has a full page on their standard categorization of the breed. Some individual breeding companies also provide a lot of information regarding the care, love, health and mating issues of these small and lovable companions.

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