Chihuahua Puppies

Written by Sierra Rein
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Of all the types of dogs in the world, Chihuahua puppies are one of the most sought after by breeders and owners alike. Cute and petite, they make great pets for city dwellers or people who travel a lot. They grow up to be very hardy and adaptable, with terrier-like temperaments and energy.

Chihuahua puppies can be weaned from their mother and sold when they are around five to 10 weeks of age. At that time, a breeder will be more likely to recognize any unique traits, personality characteristics or any birth or health defects. Puppies can be purchased through a breeder or pet shop, although it is best to go through someone who specializes in Chihuahuas directly.

Characteristics of Chihuahua Puppies

At birth, Chihuahuas are tiny, blind and completely helpless. After a few weeks or so, however, they become alert and move on their own. They are usually short and squat compared to adults, but will grow into an off-square and small but muscular body in a few months.

It is easy to recognize whether the puppy will grow to be of the short smooth-coat or longhaired variety. There are several "rare" types of Chihuahua puppies, like the super ultra tiny or those featuring blue, chocolate or bridle colors. There are some Chihuahuas that have a rounder "apple dome" head, while others with flatter heads and longer noses can be considered "deer" Chihuahuas.

Unless they are in a teething phase, at four months Chihuahua puppies' ears should be erect. Sometimes ear tips flop forward during teething, only to pop up permanently the next day. Just like any other dog, there are small differences amongst different breeds of Chihuahuas regarding this trait.

How to Purchase a Chihuahua Puppy or Adult Dog

It is important to discuss with the owner the dam's (mother dog) and the father's characteristics. Acquaint yourself with the ability to recognize a good breeder by his or her care of the dogs, knowledge of Chihuahua puppies and how well-behaved the dogs are around strangers. Warning signs include an eagerness to sell without regard, dirty food and water bowls, incomplete registration papers and an inability to answer simple questions.

In America, most breeders and owners of Chihuahua puppies will wish to register their purebred pups with the American Kennel Club (AKC). With a record of the dog's pedigree, the owner can then sign the puppy up for a dog show when it's older or consider it for breeding purposes once it is of age. However, both of the puppy's parents need to be registered with the breeder's information regarding the dam and sire's registration numbers as well as the litter number.

Purchasing Chihuahuas Online

It is now easier than ever to go online and find Chihuahua puppies for sale by either professional breeders or families eager to give good homes to their pups. Online photos of the puppies and the parents can be posted, as well as information on their specific size and build. Some online breeders also include full online FAQs and informational help in maintaining the health and well being of their dogs.

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