Chihuahua Teacup Breeders

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is the job of Chihuahua teacup breeders to utilize knowledge of genetics to arrive at a litter of smaller, miniature Chihuahuas. This is most often accomplished using a teacup dam and sire in the breeding process. Sometimes teacup Chihuahuas can reveal themselves as the "runts" of the litter, but these can also be the result of recessive genes in the parents.

To describe the appearance of a puppy or dog, Chihuahua breeders will use terms like "teacup," "deer" and "applehead." However, no one can say for sure what the exact weight of a dog will be once he or she is full grown. Experienced Chihuahua teacup breeders can come very close to knowing what your puppy's size will be as an adult.

Chihuahua Teacup Breeders and the Health of Their Puppies

Chihuahua teacup breeders have a lot of health considerations to take care of once a litter of puppies are born. Until a dog is 16 weeks of age, its immune system is not fully developed. This leaves them very susceptible to disease, worms and other illnesses.

Most teacup breeders know how to keep their dogs in a sterile environment. They will feed them properly throughout the first crucial weeks of their lives manually and will vaccinate them against any known popular diseases. Because many puppy-related diseases (such as parvo, worm infestation and coccidia) do not reveal themselves until weeks or months later, the most reliable breeders will guarantee a health warranty of at least six months.

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