Chihuahuas With Appleheads

Written by Sierra Rein
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Many dog and pet owners prefer to adopt or purchase Chihuahuas with appleheads. Apple dome Chihuahuas, as they are sometimes called, have a rounder head and are recognizably different from long-nosed deer Chihuahuas. Appleheads usually feature shorter muzzles and wide set eyes, making them quite adorable in appearance.

Some Chihuahuas with appleheads can be born with what is called a "molera." This is a soft spot on the top crown of the skull similar to those found in human babies. Although these are quite common, many lay people mistakenly diagnose this feature as a sign of possible predisposition to hydrocephalus (or "water on the brain") and can ask their veterinarian to euthanize the pet before proper diagnosis is made.

There are breeders who specialize in creating what are colloquially referred to as "teacup" Chihuahuas with appleheads. These are smaller versions of Chihuahua and are not a separate grouping within the breed. Just as there are shorter humans, so are there smaller Chihuahuas.

Caring for Chihuahuas with Appleheads

Applehead Chihuahuas should be kept inside for the most part, especially in cold weather. They will not be finicky eaters unless trained by their owners to be so, and require very little space in which to run around. Excessive tears should not alarm an owner, as this is the method by which the ground-level dog cleans his or her eyes.

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