Chihuahuas For Sale

Written by Sierra Rein
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Finding the best Chihuahuas for sale is easy once you know the right questions to ask. There are issues surrounding the purity of the puppy's lineage, how the breeder has weaned and socialized the puppy to learn how to deal with humans and other animals, and the past health of the parents. For older dog purchases, a lengthy discussion of any behavior or health problems will be incredibly important before bringing the dog into one's home.

If you are concerned about the purity of the dog's lineage, ask the breeder or pet store owner for the dog's papers. The papers will most likely mean that the parents of the chihuahua are registered with the AKC and that the dog or puppy itself is also able to be registered. Pedigree papers that trace the family history beyond the immediate parents may accompany these papers.

Some people try to find purebred Chihuahuas for sale for the purpose of entering the dog into exhibitions and competitions. These pedigree and registrations papers are vital for this process and will make or break any qualification. However, they are unnecessary if the future owner does not have these ideals in mind.

What if You Want to Put up Your Own Chihuahuas for Sale?

If you are interested in offering your own Chihuahua puppies for sale, make sure you have all the necessary registration papers with the AKC. If you choose to sell your puppies without these papers, you may come into a lot of legal trouble from both the AKC and irate clients. It is also better to learn directly from an experienced breeder and do your own research before attempting any type of mating between two adult Chihuahuas.

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