Dog Body Cooler

Written by Kevin Little
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Dog body coolers, when used properly, can become a bulldogs' best friends (no offense to any owners intended). A bulldog has a particular need for help with keeping cool, due to the fact that bulldogs have those adorable squished-up faces. While their snouts make bulldogs very cute, they can also make these dogs awfully warm.

Before we get to dog body coolers, it's important to understand how dogs cool themselves in the first place. Dogs do not have the same cooling system as humans (namely, sweat glands). Instead of sweating, dogs get rid of heat in a novel way, by allowing heat to escape their bodies through their feet and mouths. One of the reasons that a dog pants is to cool down.

For example, bulldogs don't pant as well as other dogs, due to their compact facial features. As such, they often need help when it comes to staying comfortable on hot summer days. Some new products are available that aid with this very task.

Dog Body Cooler Information

A dog body cooler can be a godsend for the active bulldog. These coolers wrap around a dog's body to provide sustained, consistent cooling that keeps dogs from overheating. Simply soak the cooler in water, and strap it on to your dog. The refreshing effects will last for hours.

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