Dog Breeder Listings

Written by Courtney Salinas
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There are plenty of breeder listings available on the Internet. A good way to find good breeders is to find a site specific to breeds in your area, like The Southern California Beagle Club or the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston. Most of these clubs will have links to reputable breeders.

A good place to check for a listing of breeders is your veterinarian. If the vet knows of breeders, it’s probably because those breeders go to that vet. This is a good sign that the breeder cares for the animals he or she is breeding. You want to get your puppy from a breeder that loves animals and does everything possible to care for them.

Researching Breeders

It is important when trying to find a breeder that you fully investigate all their facilities and their practices. When you’ve decided what kind of dog you want you should spend as much time as possible finding out everything you can about breeders in your area. Ask veterinarians, enthusiasts and experts which breeders are the best in your area.

Once you’ve done that research and decided on a breeder, visit the breeder’s facilities. Look at where they keep the dogs and what kind of human contact they have. Ask the breeder as many questions as you need to; a good breeder will not be annoyed by inquisitiveness, but will welcome it.

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