Dog Hot Spots

Written by Kevin Little
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Dog hot spots are incredibly annoying for a bulldog. These lesions can be thought of as combinations of mosquito bites and pimples. They are quite sensitive, and can become painful if not treated in a proper manner.

Most of us know what to do when we get a skin irritation. We try our best not to scratch, and we apply a soothing ointment in order to reduce the urge to scratch. Well, dogs don't always act in such a disciplined manner. They tend to scratch what itches, and in the process, they make dog hot spots even worse. While it's not the most helpful activity, we can all relate to such a mode of behavior.

Treating Dog Hot Spots

It's important to treat dog hot spots as soon as possible to save your dog as much aggravation and hurt as possible. Luckily, there are products that treat these hot spots very effectively. Clipping the hair around the spot can aid healing and ease ointment application.

Products for treating hot spots can be found online if your local pet store doesn't stock them. Look for a site that is bulldog-specific, if possible. A site that includes heath and grooming tips can offer advice regarding the best treatments for hot spots. You want to provide the best care possible for your bulldog, and putting an end to hot spots is a great way to start.

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