Dog Microchips

Written by Kevin Little
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Dog microchips are something of a mystery. When many people think of a microchip in terms of dogs, they tend to think of futuristic scenarios in which dogs are given commands by means of infrared remote controls. Well, we're not there yet. Still, microchips are being used in canine-related ways in the here and now.

Dog microchips have made tracking one's dog quite a lot easier. Microchips are used to track cars; why not dogs as well? The biggest obstacle would seem to be figuring out a way to attach a chip to a dog in such a way that it would not get lost.

Well, that problem is solved by putting the chip underneath the surface of the dog's skin. Such a procedure is undertaken very carefully. One would not want to harm or upset a dog through such a procedure, and precautions are taken to ensure that the process is a safe one. Luckily, tracking chips are small enough that most dogs don't even notice them.

How Dog Microchips Work

Once injected, dog microchips are incredibly valuable resources when it comes to identifying lost dogs. These chips carry all sorts of personal information about particular dogs, information that often leads to a quick trip home. Such a return will undoubtedly be as big a relief to the pet as it is to his or her owners.

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